Autonomous transporter

Based on vast experience with electric vehicle and remote control systems design gained whilst the completion of A-SYS-D Vanquisher we have launched our new research and development project in 2015. The propose of the development is to create a prospective automated robotic transport system. With our unique optical navigation system we may offer a solution as for outdoor only applications so for mixed applications.​

Our autonomous discrete-conveyer transport system (ADTS) is a prospective prototype of an outdoors transport system considering the state-of-the- art electric vehicle technology and modern understanding of the safety and efficiency requirements.

System is intended for use in open pit mining, large construction sites or industrial zones to transport various cargo. Hybrid electric self-driven transporters may operate 24 hours per day regardless weather conditions using our unique optical navigation system. Brief specification is below. Further details are available upon request.​

Greenhouse automated transporter system (ATS) is a recent development based on the same drivetrain but purely electric may serve as a transport both indoors and outdoors. It can be used in various clean areas including horticultural and agricultural production sites.

Key transporter features:

  • navigate around the area using optical recognition of visual markers (beacons)

  • avoid obstacles using short-range ultrasonic radar

  • receive commands: 

    • by radio from the central station

    • by radio from the handheld controllers

    • from the onboard control panel manually

  • continuously send telemetry to the central station by radio

  • follow pre-programmed cyclic routes automatically

  • find their way to the pre-programmed destinations within the area

  • stop and wait in standby mode at pre-set waiting areas

  • learn new tracks and destinations when driven by an operator

  • also they can carry up to 1000 kg of cargo or equipment 

Autonomous transporter Autonomous transporter Autonomous transporter Autonomous transporter Autonomous transporter Autonomous transporter
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