FPV and Follow-Me

 Remote control unit supports a whole set of remote control features: a remote command 433MHz radio link, First Person View video streaming from onboard motorized HD camera with onscreen displays copying main computer screen, Follow Me ultrasonic radar system for auto piloting. 

    Long range 433MHz remote controller is made as a sealed sensor module and gives basic control over speed and direction of the vehicle and control of front and rear winches. Magnetic cradle on the driver's panel is used to store remote controller when not in operation and also it serves as a contactless charger.  

    5.4GHz video channel is designed to support various PAL or NTS goggles currently with 640x480 resolution, however system is designed to operate HD camera. Live video stream from motorized camera is processed by the unit and additional onscreen data is added to the picture. Onscreen display contains basic information about system status, speed, steering direction and may show any content of the front panel computer display as an transparent background overlay. Full scope of system features controlled by central computer of the vehicle is available to the remote operator through remote controller armed with video goggles. 

    3 ultrasonic sensors are attached to the upper part of the front safety frame to provide an exact beacon position in Follow Me mode. Once that mode is activated, the vehicle continuously scans area in front of it and determines current beacon position, movement direction and speed. Safe distance between beacon and the vehicle is supported automatically within a range of walking speeds. The beacon is a compact 180g ultrasonic transmitter, placed on a shoulder of a driver. Magnetic cradle with built-in contactless charger is used to store the beacon onboard when not in use.

FPV and Follow-Me FPV and Follow-Me FPV and Follow-Me
Range 1000 m
Interface 2xRS-485
Radiolink transiever 433MHz 0.1 W
Videolink transmitter 5.4GHz 2.0 W
Camera HD, motorized 360grad view
Processor ARM Cortex-M3 120 MHz
Video goggles 640x480 PAL/NTSC
HD video support Yes
Onscreen display Yes
GPS support Yes
Follow me system Yes
Ultrasonic radar sensors 3
Follow me maximum distance 6 m
Remote functions up to 20
Climatic conditions -30..+70 C
IP protection IP67
Contactless charger Yes
Power 9..18V 4 A (DC)
Product price
Price 3500 Euro
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