IntEn is a key component of our low voltage power management and control system. Our unique system is world’s first integrated solution for the power management and control of hybrid-electric utility or automated guided vehicle, capable to work outdoors. It’s our side product developed as a part of our amphibious rescue transporter known as The Vanquisher, we are manufacturing. It is made for extreme conditions onboard of all-terrain vehicle in a wide range of temperatures and high humidity. System consists of three highly integrated units: computer, controller and remote control unit. It works with up to 4 electric motors, controls up to 4 CVTs, generator and ultra-capacitor as an energy buffer plus supports all typical 12V onboard peripherals and driver’s workplace.

   Controller unit supports two independent BLDC or PMS motors, measuring their temperature and rpms either with Hall sensors or sin/cos encoders. For each motor an individual CVT canbe provided and a step motor control lines are reserved in the unit to manipulate transmission. Under the hermetic cover there is a set of relays and fuses for various onboard 12V loads, like lights, winches, pumps horn and many others. All of the loads could be switched on and off by software. Another unique feature of the controller is hybrid power plant control circuitry: throttle servo motor, starter and all sensors could be connected to the controller directly. It is very compact for such a vast number of features and everything including cable entries is made as of IP67 requirements. Controller also has temperature, oil, fuel, speed and throttle position sensor interface for carburetor engine. 




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Dimensions 4176X208 mm
Height 120.5 m
Weight 5 kg
Continuous current 150 A per channel
Peak current 500 A
Peak motor phase voltage 6.5 V
Motor power 5 kW
Operating voltage 48±18 V DC
Primary payload supply 48V DC 50 A
Secondary payload supply 12V DC 30 A
Number of motors 2
Relays 19
Fuse modules 25
Interface CAN 2.0A 1Mbit/s
CVT control Dual channel 12V 10 A
FEV power module control Yes
Throttle control step motor 12V 2.5A
Motor temperature sensors Yes
Motor current sensors Yes
IP protection IP67
Battery voltage 48±18 V
Product price
Price 3400 euro
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