intC - Computer unit is running general motion control algorithms, logs everything and supports drivers’ workplace and remote control. It is a compact IP67 module with a built-in TFT LED display so it could be integrated into front panel of a drivers’ workplace as a display module. It connects all necessary sensors, buttons, switches and signals to provide a driver with vehicle control interface as well as various digital or analog drive-by-wire man-vehicle interfaces, such as handlebars with throttle or wheel and pedals or even joystick. Unit supports buttons with "angel eye" LEDs of 3 different colors and adjustable display backlit and heating. 

Computer unit also supports a whole set of remote control features: a remote controller 433MHz radio link, First Person View video streaming from onboard motorized HD camera with onscreen displays copying main computer screen, Follow Me ultrasonic radar system for auto piloting and may adjust motion algorithms considering terrain conditions and operator inputs. 





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Dimensions 216*182 mm
Height 121 m
Weight 1 kg
Display Monochrome TFT 640x320
Screen size 6.2 ''
Processor 2 x ARM Cortex-M3 120 MHz
Flash memory 768 Mb
Interface CAN 2.0A​ and RS-422 1Mbit/s
Buttons supported 17
Backlit control Yes
Button LED brightness control Yes
IMU support Yes
intEN supported up to 4
Climatic conditions -20..+55 C
IP protection IP67
Power 6..18V 0.5 A (DC)
Discrete inputs 10
Product price
Price 1200 euro
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