EV 48

 We are proud to be the first to offer a complete power management and control system for electric vehicles as a product you can take from a box and apply for your own vehicle design with minimum engineering costs. Our unique system is an integrated solution for the small-to-medium size hybrid-electric or battery-powered utility vehicle or automated guided vehicle, capable to work as indoors so outdoors. It includes virtually everything you may need to build an EV or AGV: reconfigurable central computer, motor controllers, a set of remote operation functions and finally a continuous variable transmission which may be needed to balance speed and torque of electric motors and drivetrain requirements. Everything is made up to highest safety standards and so it could be used even on boats. 

   We are producing extreme electric ATVs ourselves, so we understand most of the EV design challenges, an experience we are happy to share. We offer a product customization for your requirements as well as software/firmware development services.

Advanced System Design technology is based ontwo decades of experience in building advanced system solutions, embedded computers and autonomous robots resulted in significant experience and a number of technologies necessary to create and manufacture modern EV.





advanced power electronics


Our dual-channel BLDC/PMSM motor controllers capable to work within range of 15-85V and up to 500A currents.


advanced wireless technologies


We implement a number of wireless solutions ranging from contactless chargers and ultrasonic radars to long range spread spectrum radio and video data links.



advanced hardware   


We produce true IP67 electronics containers as well cable entries on our own modern production facility using hot molding, 3D printing and precision milling where applicable.




advanced transmission design


We manufacture belt reduction gear modules. Our recent CVT with electronic control is an ultimate solution to integrate modern high speed BLDC motors into utility EV. 



 System architecture is optimised for quick implementation onboard of small-to-medium EV with minimum cables and connections. One or two Motor Controllers integrating all relays and fuses and a Computer Unit also serving as front panel from our EV modules selection are providing you with complete circuitry to build an advanced electric utility vehicle:


  • no extra modules 

  • minimum cables

  • no integration problems




Everything you need to build an utility Electric Vehicle

Available Now !


PMSM/BLDC dual channel motor controller with integrated relay/fuse module

central computer unit and integrated front panel solution

remote control system with: First Person View videolink, Follow Me autopilot, Extra long range option

electronically controlled CVT module

Compact 48V DC petrol air-cooled 12kW generator



Our equipment may be used for a broad range of EV applications with hybrid or battery electric power. Small and medium off-highway or off-road EV could be built with our equipment, including but not limited to mowers, sweepers, transporters, specialized agricultural, forestry machines, urban communal vehicles, self-propelled platforms, AGVs for indoors and outdoors operation and various ATVs. We provide a simple and reliable solution for electric drivetrain and a selection of remote control tools to be easily installed on many types of electric chassis both tracked and wheeled.



conversion of utility vehicles


we offer a comprehensive equipment kit for conversion of various utility vehicles to hybrid-electric or pure electric drivetrain 


electric all-terrain vehicles


our platform could be an ideal basis to build a new electric ATVs for agriculture, forestry and construction either tracked or wheeled


self-propelled platforms

complete control system wit large set of remote control capabilities allow you to build various new commercial or industrial electric self-propelled platforms, tethered or autonomous


automated guided vehicles

the same kit could be used as a core of control system for guided industrial robotic transporters or utility vehicles for both indoors and outdoors



Vanqisher VQ.04

A world's first hybrid-electric amphibious rescue transporter made by us. An all-terrain and all-weather vehicle with outstanding off-road performance and advanced robotic features implements all elements of our electric vehicle platform. 




EV 48 EV 48 EV 48
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